Let’s Stand Up and Speak Out for Clean Streams on Monday, May 2nd

The Loudoun Clean Streams Coalition will hold a rally at the Loudoun County Government Center on Monday, May 2nd, 2011 from 6:00 to 7:00pm and we invite you to add your voice and show your support for implementing the Chesapeake Bay Protection Ordinance (CBPO) as a critical way to protect our streams.

As discussed in detail on this website, we believe that implementing the CBPO is an important step toward protecting water quality in county streams – water that ultimately is withdrawn from the Potomac River and Goose Creek to be used for drinking water in most homes in the eastern half of Loudoun County.  While we freely admit that the Riparian Buffers (streamside vegetated filter strips) protected by the CBPO will not solve all of the chemical and sediment pollution problems noted in county streams, they are already in place in many areas of the county, require little maintenance, work 24/7 to filter water BEFORE it enters the streams they abut, and are scientifically endorsed as very effective natural filters. Given the seriously compromised state of county streams and the already high levels of sediment and chemical pollutants in the Potomac, the CBPO makes not only good ecological sense but it will save many cents as well by saving the amount of time, money and effort needed by water treatment plants to bring river water to drinking water standards.

As the Board tailors the CBPO to fit Loudoun County, this is a chance for folks who take environmental health seriously to demonstrate our concern about the health and future of our streams.  Join us in encouraging the Board to finish its work quickly and adopt this protection

On May 2nd, we will gather outside the Government Center (inside in the event of rain) to encourage the Board to act, share other ways we can all help to protect and restore our streams, listen to some great music and have a little ice cream in honor of our passion for clean streams.

Lincoln-based singer/songwriter and former environmental engineer, Andrew McKnight, will raise our spirits and our aspirations with several songs that he has written about the health of streams and the role of water in our lives.  A passionate, caring and insightful defender of the environment for many years, Andrew will give special flair to this event and fill our heads and hearts with a good dose of ‘if you really care about something, then speak out.’  For a taste of what Andrew’s performance holds in store, swing by You Tube or his website and listen to ‘The Other Way’ which poses an interesting question with regard to polluted waterways.

We all drink from a common cup.  Some of the rain that fell on your yard and your neighbors’ yards this week will flow from someone’s tap before long. Or to re-spin the old phrase, ‘What goes to ground, comes around’.

So please join us on May 2nd and share an hour of your time to rally for cleaner water and a healthier environment.  Invite your friends to come too!

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