Flawed Analysis of County’s Scientific Study Presented by Stream Protection Opponents

Leesburg Today has reported on an analysis provided to the Board of Supervisors by a group opposed to Loudoun’s stream protection initiative.  The analysis was performed by a retired statistician, Dr. Jerry Coffey.  When reviewed side-by-side with the County-commissioned report by Versar, Inc. and Biohabitats, Inc. the analysis is revealed to be one more unfounded criticism attempting to discredit the County’s stream protection initiative. Statements about the County’s study include page references that inaccurately reflect the actual information in the report.  Further, the critique intermingles and confuses the various and independent types of monitoring performed by the County’s consultants, exposing the author’s apparently limited grasp of the subject matter.  And the references that detail quality control procedures accompanying the report have been ignored.

It could be that simple lack of understanding has led to the flawed conclusions. However, the analysis also raises doubts about the professional competence of staff, injecting controversy where none exists.  And the author takes the extreme step of contemplating fraud as a darker reason for the conclusions in the scientific study.

Could this possibly be a deliberate witch hunt?

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